Primescan Intraoral Scanner

Knowing what technology a dentist uses before selecting one for you and your family is critical. Any Granbury dentist knows that the latest dental technology has many advantages for patients. Intraoral scanning, for example, is not only more comfortable but also more accurate than traditional impressions of your mouth. 

In the previous few decades, dental technology has improved dramatically, resulting in substantial increases in quality of care, safer treatments, complex case management, shorter healing times, aesthetically beautiful results, and long-lasting solutions. Diagnostic technology, which includes the introduction of intraoral scanners, is one of the most recent and innovative breakthroughs in dentistry. If you plan on seeking restorative or cosmetic dentistry services you will benefit from an office that uses an intraoral scanner.

What is the Primescan Intraoral Scanner?

Primescan is a digital scanner that scans your mouth to enable your dentist to capture a direct optical impression. Impressions are required to create customized dental appliances, crowns, bleaching trays, and impressions for implants. Most adults have bad memories of standard pink alginate dental impressions. The pink goo sits in your mouth for at least 60 seconds as you fight your gag reflex and try to ignore the unpleasant taste. 

With the intraoral scanner technology and our Primescan, we can create an impression of the surface of all your teeth in just a few minutes. The little device fits comfortably in your mouth and delivers precise images to the screen. We can take very detailed pictures of the surface of your teeth, gums, or jawline.

What are the Benefits of Intraoral Scanning?

Dental scanning devices enable us to obtain a high-quality image without causing you unnecessary discomfort. The lab produces more exact products as a result of the detailed images. The camera records every element of the surface, but they ignore superfluous details. Scanning, like other advanced dentistry technologies, can help our patients have a better experience in our office in a variety of ways, including:

  • There are no plastic trays to trigger a patient’s gag reflex.
  • More precise data to assist in the design of your crown or retainer.
  • The scan is painless and extremely precise.
  • Digital files can be sent and stored immediately.

How does the intraoral scanner work?

First, your dentist will take a picture of your tooth or an area of your mouth that we will focus on. Then we place the digital scanner in your mouth and move it across the tooth or tooth’s surface. The photograph results are captured and will be displayed on a monitor that is next to you. A complete impression of your teeth takes around a minute to capture.

Our staff and patients will be able to get the most out of their dental care using our new Primescan technology.

Your Primescan Intraoral Scanner Dentist in Granbury, TX

Nothing is hidden from our view using an intraoral scanner, which significantly improves the accuracy of both diagnosis and treatment. We’re excited to offer this cutting-edge technology because it allows us to provide you with more precise, efficient, and effective dental care. Don’t hesitate to contact our Granbury family dentists if you have any questions regarding our Primescan intraoral scanner. Schedule your appointment today!

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